The Event Specification

The event payload structure used by the VMware Event Broker Appliance follows the CloudEvents v1 specification for cross-cloud portability. The current data content type which is sent as payload to a supported event processor is JSON.

The following example shows the event structure sent as JSON to a supported event processor (trimmed for better readability):

  "id": "08179137-b8e0-4973-b05f-8f212bf5003b",
  "source": "https://vcenter-01:443/sdk",
  "specversion": "1.0",
  "type": "com.vmware.event.router/event",
  "subject": "VmPoweredOffEvent",
  "time": "2020-02-11T21:29:54.9052539Z",
  "data": {
    "Key": 9902,
    "ChainId": 9895,
  "datacontenttype": "application/json"

id: The unique ID (UUID) of the event

source: The vCenter emitting the embedded vSphere event (FQDN resolved when available)

specversion: The event specification the appliances uses (can be used for schema handling)

type: The canonical name of the event class in “.” dot notation

subject: The vCenter event name (CamelCase)

time: Timestamp when this event was produced by the appliance

data: Original vCenter event

data.Key: Monotonically increasing value set by vCenter (the lower the key, the older the message as being created by vCenter)

data.CreatedTime: When the embedded event was created by vCenter

datacontenttype: Encoding used (JSON)

Please see the section on function best practices below how you can make use of these fields for advanced requirements.

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